Sunday, January 22, 2017

A Writer's Dream: The Kindle

Amazon offers two exclusive services that no other device offers, an assigned e-mail address and access to a website,

The assigned e-mail address enables you to send documents with doc, docx, txt, html, or pdf extensions to your kindle via an e-mail attachment. The document attachment will transfer into the Doc folder on your Kindle’s main screen. Documents do not contain font-size adjustment capability. But, if you insert “convert” in the e-mail subject line, the document will be converted into e-book format which enables font-size control. The e-book formatted document will transfer to the Kindle Carousel instead the Doc folder. Sending final formatted e-books via Kindle e-mail is also a great way to test and edit completed e-books.

Amazon also provides the Kindle user with internet space to store highlights and notes. Simply highlight phrases or sections of an e-book that you are reading and they will automatically be saved to your assigned webpage. You can then retrieve your highlights and notes by going to and signing-in using your amazon username and password.

The assigned email and storage site features are a must for writers and researchers. Simple compile your research information into one document and e-mail it to your Kindle to read at your convenience or highlight information in an e-book you are reading on the Kindle and retrieve it from  your allotted web space. In other words, carry your Kindle with you and work anywhere, anytime.

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